Group & Private Events


Private Yoga Events

Bridal/Groom Party Celebrate the union of hearts with a unique experience that harmonizes body, mind, and spirit. Our intimate Bridal/Groom Party yoga sessions are tailored to create a serene and bonding experience for up to 10 guests. Immerse yourselves in a blend of gentle yoga, meditation, and journaling, all designed to foster connection and peace before the big day. Each participant leaves with a gift bag filled with thoughtful items to remember the day. For an extra touch of luxury, indulge in our curated Charcuterie Board and select beverages. Click "Take a Class" to book an unforgettable private event that pampers the soul and unites loved ones.

Backyard Yoga Transform your backyard into an oasis of wellness with our bespoke Backyard Yoga events. Perfect for introducing family and friends to the joys of yoga or adding a unique twist to your gatherings, our sessions are designed to accommodate all levels, ensuring everyone leaves feeling refreshed and connected. It's a special way to bring movement and mindfulness to your personal space, creating memories that last a lifetime. Ready to bring the tranquility of yoga to your home? Click "Take a Class" and let's plan your personalized outdoor yoga experience.


Corporate Classes & Events

Corporate Yoga Elevate the workplace environment with GreenTree's Corporate Yoga. Companies can now offer their employees the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation right at their facilities or through a virtual setup. Our sessions are crafted to fit into the workday, with three 20-minute sessions that can be chair-based or traditional mat yoga. It's an ideal break to reduce stress, enhance productivity, and promote overall employee well-being. Interested in fostering a healthier, happier workplace? Click "Take a Class" to schedule your corporate yoga sessions with GreenTree Yoga & Wellness.

Community Events

Community Yoga GreenTree Yoga & Wellness is committed to fostering community spirit through yoga. Our Community Events are designed to bring the benefits of yoga to everyone, regardless of their background or experience level. Whether it's a health day at a local museum or a special session for empowering young women, we tailor our yoga to suit the needs of the community we're serving. By participating, you're not just taking a yoga class; you're becoming part of a larger movement towards communal health and connection. Ready to join in? Click "Take a Class" to find out more about our upcoming community events and how you can be a part of them.